These are the notes on personality disorders. They are notes that I have added from the slideshow. I will tell you what slides have these additional notes. I did not have additional notes for every slide. Please refer to the powerpoint. Thank you! -Mariel Celentano

Personality Disorders:

"Therapy and Change"
- trephaning: In the Medieval days, they used to drill holes in heads to release demons

"The Nature of Psychotherapy"
-"mental illness": inability to cope with stress

"Main Kinds of Therapy"
-Psychoanalysis: talk therapy
-Biological Approach: medicine

"Group Therapy"
-Interpersonal or relationship therapy
-advantages: psychodrama or role playing, they see how their actions affect others

"Does Psychotherapy Work?"
-doesn't matter which approach of therapy is taken, any approach will help
-Hans Eysenck: thought people would get better anyway
-Allen Bergin: if the standard of improvement then people did benefit
-Smith & Glass: more effective than no treatment

"Humanistic/Client-Centered Therapy"
-Maslow & Carl Rogers
-every individual is born with a unique potential
-therapist and client are on equal terms

"Cognitive Therapies: Similarities"
-disconfirmation: confronting patients with evidence that their belief is not true
ex/ client: "I don't have any fun"
therapist: "write out a list of times you have had fun"
client writes out list and realizes that they do have fun sometimes
-reconceptualization: helps patients develop alternate belief system
-insight: helps client undersatnd how they can improve level of happiness, this of themselves in positive ways

"Rational-Emotive Therapy (RET)"
-challenge & change
-"it's not the end of the world"
-learn how to take emotional risks

"Beck's Cognitive Therapy"
-past and unconcious
-the cause of the behavior is not important, it doesn't matter

"Biological Therapy"
-brain damage, unbalanced hormones
-do not cure disease, just help symptoms
-bad side effects

"The Deinstitutionalized Person"
-not having people in hospitals against their will
-this was meant to be a good thing, but it put many sick people on the streets

"Electrocompolsive Therapy"
-works with extremely depressed people
-only shock right hemisphere: less loss of memory